Muslim Fashion, Hijab & Ramadan; Sunday Letter (May 30 to June 5)

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06.01.16 Savenah-Women-Expo smallFashionable Muslim Women Were Looking For Deals and Style at the London Fashion Show

Summary: Organizers at the London Fashion event wanted to make sure to deliver a particular message ‘we have a voice; we do not fit the stereotype,’

Source: The Gaurdian

Writer: Harriet Sherwood


06.02.16 Hijab Exhibition Show in Australia (small)Hijab Exhibition Show in Australia

Summary: A travelling show that highlights Muslim fashion recently opened at the National Archives in Canberra, Australia

Source: ABC News

Writer: Siobhan Heanue

Photo from Goltune News library. All rights reserved.


Mango small Sunday letterThe 4 Big Problems With “Ramadan” Fashion Collections

Summary: Mango just released its second Ramadan collection, one week before the Muslim holy month. But is the collection modest enough?

Source: Refinery 29

Writer: Zahra Aljabri


mipsters 06.04.16 smallMuslim And Hipster, Why “Mipster” Fashion Is Trending

Summary: It is both a cultural phenomenon and a marketing play, but one researcher says that Muslim-inspired fashion is ultimately true to the faith.

Source: World Church

Writer: Nic Umi

Photo: Courtesy of Huffington Post


women only swim pool in Sweden 06.05.16 smallSwedish swimming pools introduce women-only sessions to accommodate rising number of Muslim population

Summary: An increasing number of swimming pools in Sweden are offering gender-segregated hours in order to encourage more women to visit.

Source: Daily Mail

Writer: Sara Malm

I am french smallStunning Portraits of Muslim Women Shatter All Those Hateful Stereotypes

Summary: A South Africa-based group is fighting Islamophobia with simple message: Muslims aren’t just Muslim — they’re also American, French, English and German, among other nationalities.

Source: Mic News Network

Writer: Miles Surrey




Young woman wearing hijab in city smile face portraitBlack Muslim NWU student allegedly told to remove hijab before exam

Summary: An African American Muslim student at the North West University’s Potchefstroom was told to remove her hijab before an examination, and forced to sign an “irregularity” form when she refused to do so.

Source: News 24

Writer: Ahmed Areff

Photo: the photo is a courtesy of Goltune News

Hijab Debate What’s Cooking Under Scarves (small)Wearing a hijab can get you fired, according to the EU

Summary: The European Union have ruled that companies can refuse to employ Muslim women for wearing headscarves, in a landmark and heavily criticised case

Source: AlBawaba





06.03.16 Ramadan Is Approaching_ Muslims Are Getting ReadyRamadan Is Approaching; Muslims Are Getting Ready

Summary: Ramadan is coming, some people never get to break their fast because it’s their life, says Maffei, a cookbook author and Halal Kitchen blogger

Source: JS Online

Writer:  Joan Elovitz Kazan


06.03.16 how to brew saffron (small)How to Brew Saffron

Summary: Brewing saffron is an art to master within few years. But here, Azadeh tells you how to achieve the mastery within 10 minutes

Source: Goltune

Writer: Azadeh Torabi


06.05.16 Y start day of ramadan so confusing smallWhen Is Ramadan 2016? Why Muslim Month Of Fasting’s Start Date Is Confusing

Summary: Ramadan’s start date changes every year because Islam uses a lunar calendar. Moon sighting committees in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will meet Sunday evening to look for the Crescent moon and determine the exact start date of the holy fasting month, probably Monday.

Source: International Business Time

Writer: Lydia Tomkiw


06.05.16 things to know before Ramadan small8 things you think about before Ramadan starts

Summary: Ramadan is just a couple of days away, starting on June 6 until July 5.

Here are 8 things you’ll be thinking as you prepare for the month

  1. How many hours the fast is going to be
  2. All the specialty food that only gets made during Ramadan
  3. Stocking up your fridge and pantry
  4. Adjusting your schedule
  5. Goals for the month
  6. Gaining weight
  7. What to do during the day
  8. Think about the bad habits you want to break

Source: Metro UK

Writer: Ikhlas


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