Muslim Fashion, Hijab & Ramadan; Sunday Letter (June 6 to 12)

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MU7A3541 - Katrin Schnabl smallFashion and Heritage at a Crossroad Tries to Create  Global Remarks       

Summary: three panelist designers discussed how fashion design, enriched with heritage background, can create links between people and communities         

Source: Goltune

Writer: Peter Coutu




6.6.16 Hijab is a Serious Issue, Don’t Be Fooled Easily (small)Hijab is a Serious Issue, Don’t Be Fooled Easily

Summary:  Two groups of people, with very different mindsets, discuss the “hijab” legitimacy in the West: Intellectual (who advocate for freedom of expression), and business people (who want Muslim’s money)

Source: 12 News, NBC affilicated Channel in Arizona

Writer: Farnaz Calafi


police scotland smallMuslim Police Officers in Scotland Will Be Able to Wear Hijab

Summary: Muslim women who are a part of Police Scotland will soon be able to wear a hijab as part of their police uniform.

Source: Herald Scotland

Writer: staff


Hana Tajima_3 smallUniqlo and Tajima take Islamic Fashion to the World

Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo will launch a new collection in Japan later this month in collaboration with British designer Hana Tajima

Source: Asia Nikkei

Writer: staff



100-Years-of-Hijab-Fashion-in-1-Minute-Africa-Pt.-1 small100 Years of Hijab Fashion in 1 minute ( Africa Part 1)  

When Islam asked for modesty, each region it spread to responded with either a head wrap that they believed represented it best or a as different styling of their cultural dress

Source: The Muslim Girl

Writer: staff


halo-blue2 smallNew Brand Veil Is Bringing Stylish—and Modest—Activewear to Women

A Muslim designer launching an activewear for Muslim and modest women

Source: Stylecaster

Writer: Jasmine Garnsworthy



Date Pillows 10 smallFood-Friday Series: Sweet Pillow; Date Pillow

Summary: Date pillow is sweet desert good for breaking fast during Ramadan

Source: Goltune

Writer: Azadeh Torabi