Muslim Fashion, Hijab & Ramadan; Sunday Letter (June 13 to 19)

girl rading the headlines and enjoying a coffee in the street



MAYA Cosmetics is Wudhu Friendly, We Tested, and It Passed!


Summary: MAYA Cosmetics nail polish can be considered halal cosmetics

Source: Goltune

Writer: Veena Hussain  





2Fashion and Heritage at a Crossroad Tries to Create  Global Remarks


Summary: three panelist designers discussed how fashion design, enriched with heritage background, can create links between people and communities  

Source: Goltune

Writer: Peter Coutu



Japanese Giant Chain Store Expands Its Reach to Muslim Fashion, This Time: Japan


Summary: Clothing chain Uniqlo is expanding their collaboration with Hana Tajima, which was originally designed for Muslim women

Source: Asian Weekly


4Muslim Brazilian Fashion Blogger Mixes Fashion, Makeup and Hijab


Summary: twenty-two-year-old Stephanie Kurlow has recently created her own blog to provide modest fashion tips

Source: Anba (Brazil and Arab News Agency)


5Hijab is a Serious Issue, Don’t Be Fooled Easily


Summary:  Two groups of people, with very different mindsets, discuss the “hijab” legitimacy in the West: Intellectual (who advocate for freedom of expression), and business people (who want Muslim’s money)

Source: 12 News, NBC affiliate channel in Arizoana


6Muslim Women Can Laugh & Be Happy Too!


Summary: Muslim author Zarqa Nawaz overcame many obstacles to publish her humorous memoir, “Laughing All the Way to the Mosque.”

Source: New York Times


7Humans Are Parts of One Body If a Part Is In Pain, the Rest of the Body Aches


Summary: More than 50 people dead at the gay nightclub terrorist attack. Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity issued a statement

Source: Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity



8Food-Friday Series: Sweet Pillow; Date Pillow


Summary: Date pillow is sweet desert good for breaking fast during Ramadan

Source: Goltune

Writer: Azadeh Torabi


9Kifta Kebab For Ramadan


Summary: Mediterranean-style kebob is a source of deliciousness and savory. Noosh-e jān!

Source: Goltune


Writer: Azadeh Torabi