Muslim Fashion, Hijab & Beauty Sunday Letter (week of May 16 to 22)


( week of May 16 to 22 )

Top 10 News on Muslim women fashion, hijab, and beauty


First Muslim Fashion Store opens in Major U.S. Mall


Summary: Verona is the first Muslim fashion store opened in Orlando, Florida

Source: Fusion

Author: Alaa Basatneh

Modest Fashion Week Pushes Boundaries for Muslim Fashion


Summary: New international modest fashion week in Istanbul showcase the best of conservative wears with spring colors

Source: The Australian

Author: staff writer

Muslim conservatives unveil anger at Turkey’s Modest Fashion Week


Summary: Modest Fashion Week was greeted with a strong backlash from the religious conservative camp in Turkey.

Source: Al Monitor

Author: Riada Asimovic Akyol

Iran Arrests Eight Women for ‘Un-Islamic’ Modeling


Summary: Iranian authorities arrested eight women models for posting photos on Instagram without hijab

Source: BBC News

Writer: Staff writer

Men Seek to Exert Power Over Women by Removing Hijab Forcibly


Summary: Hijab has become a tool at host cultures in Western societies to blame Islam for its shortcomings

Source: The National (UAE)

Writer: Faisal Al Yafai


Asra Nomani explores a hostile phenomenon she calls “hijab shaming”


Summary: “Women and girls, whom I call ‘enforce-hers’ and ‘Muslim mean girls’ fo so far as to call women who don’t cover fully ‘ho-jabis’ – the shorthand for ‘whore.’”

Source: Women in the World

Writer: Asra Nomani


Islam had open approach to sexuality in the past, says activist


Summary: sex is often considered a taboo topic in Islam, however, things were very different 1,000 years ago, during the era of Prophet Muhammad.

Source: The Jakarta Post

Writer: Hans Nicholas Jong

A Porn Star Proud of Wearing the Hijab Gets Death Threats in Pakistan


Summary: Porn star Nadia Ali is trying to drive home the message of Muslim women’s liberalisation.

Source: Jakarta Post

Writer: Somya Abrol

Meet the Veiled Dance Group That’s Stomping Out Stereotypes About Muslim Women


Summary: Sackett’s main goal is to foster understanding knowledge and tolerance between Muslim and non-Muslims

Source: Muslim Girl

Writer: Caitsalovich

Magazine About Muslim Women Aims to Highlight Diversity


Summary:Founder Deeyah Khan hopes to challenge stereotypes by featuring articles from a broad range of voices by featuring article from borad range of voices

Souce” Al Jazeera

Writer:Anealla Safdar