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Modest Fashion Continuous Growth is Unavoidable

Fashion Continuous Growth is Unavoidable

Summary: In a recent interview, a female Muslim scholar discussed the growing market and diversity for Islamic fashion

The Nikkei recently spoke with Yo Nonaka, an executive member of the Japan Muslim Fashion Association and assistant professor of Keio University specializing in Islamic area studies, to discuss Muslim fashion.

Nonaka said Muslim fashion is quickly growing around the world and it will increase even more rapidly in the coming years. She said Muslims make up nearly a quarter of the world’s population.   

“Data from one source shows that global spending on clothes and other fashion items for Muslims came to $266 billion in 2013,” Nonaka said. “That is a roughly 20% increase from the previous year. The number is expected to reach $322 billion by 2018.”

She went on to say that Muslim fashion needs to be tailored to fit different countries’ specific needs, as requirements vary greatly depending on region.

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