Muslim Fashion & Beauty Weekly Review (Week of April 24 to 30)

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(Week of April 25 to 24)

Top 10 news on Muslim women fashion & Beauty

Vogue Italia Sponsors A Saudi Designer’s Collection

Vogue Italia was partnered with the National Health Care Foundation to create a platform for Saudi female designers work.

Source: Arab News  

Writer: Rima Al-Mukhtar

8 Simple Steps to Preserve a Fresh Skin at Any Age

It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20’s, or 30’s or 100’s, you still got a skin to take care. The question is what to do to give your skin good and notorious ingredients to feel fresh, radiant, and beautiful.  Sometimes, the answer is not complicated.There are 8 simple steps that many skin care professionals recommend.

Source: Aquarius Magazine

Writer: Sonam Basantani

Muslim-American women model identity, self-expression

Boston University’s Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilizations and the Islamic Society of BU recently worked together to stage a panel discussion and runway show related to issues in modern Muslim-American fashion.

Source: Daily Free Press

Writer: Dagny Crepeau

Remade in America: Shugs & Fats Finds the Humor in the Immigrant Experience

The goofy web series Shugs & Fats is a great many things: a fizzy buddy comedy; a proud platform for Muslim feminism; a glittery hijab fashion show; a Gotham Award winner; and a source of unexpected takes on pop culture touchstones like Girls, Games of Throns, and 50 Shades of Grey.

Source: MTV

Writer: Inkoo Kang

In the age of intolerance, A Muslim women workshop carry the torch of hope

While country is debating over intolerance here in Chandigarh, Punjab, a Muslim woman workshop has all Muslim workers. With each hand movement, the piece of cloth seemed to be coming alive. A riot of colours was slowly revealing itself in a beautiful pattern. For most of us it would be embroidery, cutting and stitching, for those involved in the work, it means life.

Source: Punjab News Express

Writer: Staff

Morality Police in Tehran Arresting Women with “Bad Hijab”

Police in Tehran are deploying 7,000 undercover morality agents tasked with a fresh crackdown on women defying strict rules on the wearing of the hijab, among other offences deemed un-Islamic.

Source: The Guardian

Writer: Saeed Kamali Dehghan

Muslim woman says judge asked her to leave courtroom when she declined to remove her head covering

A Muslim woman in Jefferson Parish says she was discriminated against in court because of her religion. The judge says the incident was simply court procedure.

Source: WDSU, NBC affiliated TV in New Orleans

‘Islamic Fashion’ Creates Controversy In France

Some fashion houses have begun catering to Muslim consumers in Europe with loose-fitting, body-covering clothing lines that include head-covering scarves.

Source: NPR (National Public Radio, USA)

Writer: Eleanor Beardsley

‘The Islamic fashionista is no different from the regular fashionista’

Islamic fashion is finally coming into its own. With global Muslim consumers spending an estimated $244 billion in 2015 on apparel alone, according to reports from the Global Islamic Economy Summit, the industry may grow to up to an overwhelming $484 billion by 2019.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

Writer: N Anita Amreen

Islam means business: Meet the new generation of Muslim entrepreneurs

From halal ready meals to dating and Ramadan apps, the UK has seen a host of innovative businesses serving the Islamic community. We report on the entrepreneurs combining commerce with religion.

Source: Management Today

Writer: Adam Gale