Muslim Fashion & Beauty Weekly Letter (week of May 9 to 15)

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(week of May 9 to 15)
Top 10 News on Muslim women fashion and beauty


A Teen Muslim Artist Tells a Story About Religion


Summary: New York-Bound Artist Razan Elbaba Talks Inspiration, Interpretation and Moving on

Source: Goltune News

Author: Sara Scheriber

Sex and Muslim Women’s Bodies


Summary: A feminist author hit back Monday at Pakistan for censoring her article on Muslim women and sex

Source: New York Times

Author: Mona Eltahawy

Aab, Modest Fashion Label launched New Luxury Scarves for Muslim Women


Summary: The hand-Dyed Pantone colors, and rose quartz are two colors among the 40 stylish Chiffon silk scarves created by Aab

Source: Elle Magazine website

Authro: Andrea Tim


The Beautiful Reasons Why These Women Love Wearing A Hijab


Summary: #HijabToMe is showing the world how truly diverse Muslim women who wear the headscarf can be

Source: Huffington Post

Writer: Yasmin Nouh

Iranian MP Barred from Parliament for Hijab Violation


Summary: Action seen as hardliners’ attempt to wrest control despite moderates’ political advances

Source: New York Times

Writer: Thomas Erdbrink

Time’s Cutesy Guide Vels Humanity of Muslim Women


Summary: Critique on New York Times article on “What’s That You’re Wearing? A Guide to Muslim Veils

Source: University of South California, Religion Dispatches

Writer: Mariam Durrani

Fashion is much diverse today: author


Summary: The author of ‘Fashion Icons’ on her book, interest in the history of clothing, and the changing face and dynamics of the catwalk

Source: Gulf news

Writer: Jumana Al Tamimi

Educated Muslim women ‘find it more difficult’ to get jobs


Summary: SOME tertiary-educated Muslim women in Melbourne’s west face discrimination because of their cultural background, anecdotal evidence suggests.

Source: Herald Sun

Writer: Alesha Capone and Brimbank Leader

Revelation of Muslim Fashion Online and Its Acceptance


Summary: Do you have any interest in knowing whatever is going on inside the Islamic world?

Writer: Lisa Stewart

Girl denied permission to board Delhi Metro for she was wearing Hijab


Summary: Muslim girl was denied entry into the Delhi Metro who was wearing Hijab, for ‘security reasons’

Source: Siasat (New Delhi)

Writer: Staff