Muslim Australian MP walks at Sydney Fashion Week

credit: SBS Australian TV channel

A Muslim Australia MP Anne Aly walked the catwalk at Sydney Fashion Week in support of one young designer’s vision.


writer: Jihan Forbes

An Australian politician got her turn on the runway at Sydney Fashion Week on Monday, mere weeks after being embroiled in an online fake news scandal. Anne Aly, the first female Muslim federal member of Parliament in Australia, was falsely accused of refusing to lay a wreath to honor the memory of soldiers on Anzac Day, which is held in remembrance of the first major battle of WWI for Australia and New Zealand.

After the backlash from some zealous Aussie right-wingers, Aly had to clear the air and explain that she had indeed laid a wreath – just at a different ceremony. Some people saw the outrage as an example of Islamophobia in Australia. “I don’t look at my life through the lens of my religious identity,” Aly told BuzzFeed News in the wake of the uproar. “I don’t look at everything only through the lens of Islam. But people look at me only through that lens and can’t see me as anything else.”

Designer Thomas Puttick included Aly in the label’s Resort 2018 runway show, which was meant to showcase and highlight diversity. Puttick cast women of varying ages, sizes, and races for the show, which benefitted White Ribbon, an organization that works to end violence against women. Aly mentioned to BuzzFeed that Puttick was looking to use “muses and inspirational women” for the show.

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