Modest Muslim Fashion Set the Fashion Tempo of Beyond the Burqas

The definition of modesty is different for different people. According to the Muslim community, modesty is best defined through the modest dressing style. In the modern era, modest fashion has given Islamic women a new kind of power dressing. A few years back, the modest muslim fashion was considered as restrictive and conservative.

Is modesty given a new definition through the modest muslim fashion?

It is a very common question that is continually being asked by the fashion lovers of the present generation. It is a hot topic that is being discussed in almost every country across the world. A few years ago, the Muslim fashion was chained with barriers and obligations.

In the “Me-too Era” the modest fashion is getting increasing popularity on the social media. The modest trend of dressing style has captured the attention of both Muslim and non-muslim community women. However, in the Muslim community, the modest fashion has in fact got a deep significance.

A Muslim woman cannot go beyond the Islamic dressing code mentioned in Islam. Hence, they never had the chance to go “Beyond the burkas“. But, in the “Me-Too Era” the Islamic women have completely changed. The increasing women empowerment resulted in the transition from beyond the bourkas to a new fashion trend.

The fashion style of Muslim women changed drastically. They have become more fashionable and beauty conscious. A lot of fashion week shows are being held in various places around the world. The de Young exhibition is one of its kinds basically based on “Contemporary Muslim fashion”. The fashion exhibition was exclusively organized to highlight the present day global style news about the Muslimah community ladies.

Actually, what does dressing modestly mean in 2019? According to the modern fashion guardians, it is a fashion trend that is something more than measuring hemlines, sleeve lengths or covering up the parts of the body. The fashion ranges from excessive haute costume designed by Christian Dior to jersey dresses by Nzinga Knight.

The modern muslim fashion has helped the Muslim community women to represent themselves in a unique way. They are today driving the modest fashion revolution. In the first ever London modest fashion week, the hijabs, burkinis and kimonos were brought into highlight. Almost 40 Muslim fashion designers participated in the fashion show. The main motive was to showcase modest clothes that weave cultural and religious identity yet appears modern.

For years, it is noticed that Islamic women residing in the UK had to use long sleeved T-shirts in order to cover the low-cut necks and sleeveless dresses. But, the wheels changed and today the modern Muslim women appear to be in the mainstream fashion chic. According to one of the recent study, the global sale of modest Muslim clothes has increased by $484 billion in 2019.

In the past few years, great Islamic fashion designers have emerged from Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. The difference in the fashion style, i.e. beyond the burqas to modern appealing look is now being recognized by westerns. The fashion chic has greatly influenced the women of western countries. Hence, the modest fashion is not simply a trend, but it is a permanent match in the fashion world. To check more news and stories about modest muslim fashion, visit Goltune News.