Modest Fashion – Leading the charge in Modern Age

A wide array of fashion trends are evolving every day and fashion is something that is never a constant factor. The modern era saw the beginning of a new era of Muslimah fashion i.e. modest fashion. This trend of fashion chic has captured the market. The fashion exhibition show held at the de Young Museum San Francisco mainly included apparels that are designed in a modest way, yet preserving the Islamic religious values. This exhibition was arranged to turn the perception of the topic related to the head. One of the major purposes of the exhibition was to explore the fact that indeed Muslimah women do value fashion just like any other country women globally.

Critics across the world often speak about the Muslim clothing’s stating the dresses are conservative and restrictive. But, in the present epoch, the Muslim modest clothes are leading the charge. They have become the choice of not only Islamic ladies, but, the style, colour and design have attracted the women of the non-Muslim countries as well.

The modest wears are gaining momentum and in fact, statistics shows the Islamic women of the modern times between ages 15-35 years are spending huge money on purchasing modest clothes. It is expected to reach $368 billion by 2021. Often a question comes up why there is a craze for modest clothing’s in the market? The main reason behind this is the modest attires are designed by fusing modesty & modernity.

Muslimah ladies of the present age have been able to showcase their beauty and fashion. Thanks to the modest fashionable chic that has made the muslim women, to look modern and fashionable. The modest movement is said to have put forth its influence both on and off the catwalk.

Big brands such as DKNY, Dolcee & Gabbana along with Burberry have integrated modest looks into their lines. It’s not only about the hijabs and headscarves. In fact, it is all about long sleeves, looser fit and longer length that comes with lots of layering. The Muslim fashion designers have given a new shape and design to the traditional dressing outfits of the Islamic ladies.

Some of the latest modest clothes collections such as long skirts and layers play into the recent fashion trends which have appealed non-Muslim women a lot. The modest outfits are extremely versatile, fashionable, modest and comfortable.  The hijabs which are one of the most common modest dressing item without which the discussion about the modest wears would be incomplete, has also changed a lot in its draping and colour.

At the present time, the modest fashionable clothing items have become more mainstream and multi-brand. The Muslim designers have been taken into notice due to their fashion choice that has helped the Muslimah community women to express their fashion and beauty in an identical way. Goltune News is publishing news and stories about the beautiful muslim women, their culture and modest Islamic fashion trends.


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