Modest Fashion & Its Impact on the Islamic Ladies

In Islam, there is a specific dressing code for the Muslim ladies. They had to put on clothes following the guidelines of the Islamic religious values. Their clothes were designed specifically to differentiate Islamic women from any other community women across the world. They were considered as the most oppressed section of women in the world. The Muslimah women had got no choice. Therefore, they always had to put on something that seemed traditional and old-fashioned. Even the westerns believed that the Islamic women’s clothes were not up-to-date and looked boring. But, this insight changed with the arrival of modest fashion style.

The innovation of the modest fashionable clothes marked a move towards a more diverse style of fashion choice for the Muslimah women. It created a great impact on the Islamic community women. The Muslim ladies who were once had no option to choose, now had a wide array of modest Outfits. It made them to get a modern look and stand separate among the masses.

Know about the impact of modest fashion trend:

There can be no better combination of modesty and modernity found other than the Islamic clothing’s. Today, the Muslim women’s clothes are designed by fusing modernity and modesty. The clothing’s are cool and fashionable. They are of course fashionable and respected at the same time.

According to the Muslim women, the modest wears have allowed them to break open the conception of the westerns. It helped them to carry themselves in a distinct way in front of the whole world. The Modest clothes have inspired the Islamic women to shatter the stereotypes Islamic dressing styles and appear modern.

Aba Shariff a young Muslimah women commented about the change in the fashion chic of the Islamic women. According to her, the modest fashionable clothes are a full cover dresses. They don’t just fulfill all the religious requirements but at a certain level they help to provide a great comfort to the wearer.

According to Fatin Jameel, it is very difficult to describe one’s identity without a proper dressing style. The modest wears have helped the Muslimah women to demonstrate their style and identity. Besides, wearing a headscarf in a turban style highlights personality and uniqueness.

The modest dresses muslim comes with a wide range of collections such as maxi dresses, skirts, scarves, modest swimsuits, sportswear, streetwears, party wears and fashionable hijabs. Modest wear have given a pretty stylish appearance to the Muslimah ladies.

Hence, it can be said, the introduction of the modest trend of clothing’s enabled the Muslimah community women to undo the narrative that covering up or dressing modestly is oppressive or unpleasant. It has made the Islamic fashion style to challenge the western fashion style.

The fashion designers from different Muslim countries participated in the contemporary Muslim fashion show held at the de Young San Francisco. Almost 80 participants highlighted their exclusive collections on the modest attires.

Thus, modest wears have been a great innovative piece of work of the Islamic fashion designers. It surely has helped the Muslim ladies to express their individualism and look fashionable at the same time. Goltune News is an outstanding website to search information about Islamic community women, their culture and modest fashion.

Modest Fashion & Its Impact on the Islamic Ladies – Audio Version

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