Modest Fashion Helped Muslim Women to Expose their Autocracy

A few years ago, the Muslim community women had no second option to choose so far as fashion style is concerned. They had to put on the clothes that looked traditional, but not fashionable. It is all because in Islam, there is a specific dressing code for the Muslim ladies. Critics across the world often have been found commenting various things about the Muslim community clothes. According to them the Muslim clothing’s for women were restrictive, gloomy and boring. But, this conception changed due to the increasing women empowerment. It has allowed the Muslim women to make their own choices and become the dictator of their own beauty and fashion. They have happily embraced the modest fashionable chic to expose their dictatorship. It is true, modest fashion redefined the Islamic dressing style.

Always there has been a big discussion about the dressing style of Islamic community women. They were called as the backward and old fashioned. But, with the entry of modest wears, this perception completely changed. The modest outfits have allowed the Islamic community ladies to exhibit their beauty and fashion in a magnificent manner.

According to the modern generation Muslimah ladies, the arrival of modest apparels in the market has enabled them to breathe a fresh air. A few years ago, they were living in a world of barrier. But, the scenario has completely changed in the recent times. The modest attires are appreciated today by both Muslim and non-Muslim community women.

A wide range of modest apparels can be found in the market. The trend of “Covered up” has become the mainstream fashion at the moment. The Islamic fashion designers have redesigned the Islamic clothing’s and have given them a new definition. The modest Islamic clothes are available in varied style, design and colour. The dresses are designed by combining the concept of modernity and modesty.

It is considered as a great merit for a woman to put on make-up, wear jewelry and use perfume to impress her husband. Muslim women of course, unlike any other women’s community love to express their beauty and fashion with outstanding makeup. The Islamic lady uses make-up and beauty kits matching with their modest attires. A hijab wearing woman puts on make-up in accordance to the hijab fashion style.

The traditional hijab dressing styles have also changed a lot in the past few years with the arrival of the modest fashionable chic. The Islamic fashion designers across the world have highlighted their prolific work on modest attires in different fashion show weeks held in the USA, Dubai, UK, Australia and Paris.

In the present date, the Muslim ladies of the modern times feel glad to embrace hijabs as their cultural identity. They believe that the hijabs has helped them to express their beauty and fashion yet preserving their religious values. The hijabs comes in a wide array of collections with vibrant colour, designs and patterns. Hence, the Islamic ladies of the modern age have greater options to select modest outfits for them to appear modern and fashionable.

The modest fashion has become the mainstream fashion today. It is noticed that western countries women love to dress modestly as it gives a more alluring look even though it is long and covered up. Goltune News has been constantly exploring the facts about Muslimah women, their culture, make-up and fashion style through its storytelling approach.