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Modern Muslim Fashion Reflects a Vibrant & Classy Fashion Trend

Whenever discussion arises regarding Islamic fashion, the most important thing that carries attention is their old traditional hijabs, bourkas and niquabs. The Muslim dresses were always considered by the westerns as a sign of oppression. The Islamic ladies were not permitted to wear anything that is not modest. In Islam, specific dress code is mentioned, which need to be followed by everyone. As a result the Islamic community women were always considered as the most unfashionable class of women. But with the stepping in of the modern muslim fashion in the Muslimah fashion industry, a new fashion trend moved on. The fashion style included classy modest dresses and hijabs with various patters available for every occasion.

The Muslim fashion designers have been adapting to the more modest needs of the young Muslim ladies. They have been designing modest clothes by fusing modesty with modernity. The stylish modest clothes have made Islamic women to look fashionable and modern. The Global fashion world is buzzing with fashionable Muslim dresses. At San Francisco de Young museum, a fashion show was held known as Contemporary Muslim Fashion. In this fashion show, designers from across the world presented their beautiful modest wear collections. There were around 80 ensembles of modest wears collections displayed in the modern Islamic fashion.

The exhibition of modest apparels in San Francisco de Young Museum is the most unique of its kind. The major objective behind this exhibition was to create a hope to spark a deeper understanding among the Muslimah women. At a time, when Islamic ladies were all the time more targeted for their fashion choices to emphasize on their independence and identity, the exhibition at San Francisco de Young museum highlighted on the positive review about that class of women who never had the voice to speak for themselves and present in a modern look.

The modest dress hijabs were called in different names such as a tool of oppression, a pictogram of modesty, a mark of fervor and a women’s coronet. There was a time when hijabs were not considered in the fashion item lists. But, with the revolutionary change in the Muslimah fashion industry; there was a change in the hijab fashion. The traditional hijabs were redefined and designed in a more modern appearance. Today, the hijabs are available in different colours, patterns, fabrics and also styles soothing the taste and preference of the Muslimah women.

Big business brands like H&M is hiring hijabi models, like Dolce & Gabbana to release latest collections on hijabs and jihabs while on the other hand Tommy Hilfiger showcased fashionable Ramadan collections. There has been a growing interest for headscarfs among the non-Muslim community women. They consider the headscarf’s to be an item of fashion as it comes in vibrant colour covering the heads. The headscarves pave a way of a unique fashion trend. The fashion trend of modest attires has been appreciated by the westerns for whom, the Islamic dresses were considered as obsolete and untrendy till mid-2000.

With the arrival of modern muslim fashion trend in the Muslim fashion industry, the fashion style of the Islamic community women also changed. The modern Muslim clothes were redesigned to give a more classy and vibrant appearance to the attires. The modest classy apparels have helped Islamic ladies, especially younger generation to appear modern yet restoring faith in Islamic faith. Goltune News is constantly bringing up new stories and news regarding Muslimah women, their fashion trend, beauty and makeup.