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Modern Muslim Fashion Abided by Modesty & Modernity

For centuries, the Muslim community women have been found to dress in traditional costumes. They never had the chance of expressing their beauty or try out fashionable attires to look modern. According to the recent study, the majority of Muslim women of modern times are opting for modest attires. The launching of modest apparels brought a new dawn for the Islamic ladies. It shifted the traditional style of dressing trend of the Muslim ladies. The modern Muslim fashion stands out separately. It is no longer driven by conservative and restrictive approach. Rather the Muslim modern costumes are abided by modernity and modesty.

The fashion girls around the world have one thing in common. They all have the desire to show off their personal style.

A few years back, the Muslim community ladies had no opportunity to showcase themselves as modern and trendy. The traditional attires of Islamic women came with the same old fashion and colours. Even they had the desire to exhibit their fashion and personal style, but there was no choice.

Every Islamic lady had to put on long sleeved clothes with burkas covering head and face. The concept of fashion has completely changed in the 21st century. The age old fashion which was chained so long suddenly broke open all the barricades. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of creative Muslim fashion designers.

Hence, when it comes to trends of cultural flair, it is the modest Islamic clothes that have created a wider influence worldwide. The women who were considered as oppressive got a perfect fashion formula via modest wears. It allowed them to express their individualism.

The modest Muslim outfits have made the point very clear that wearing fashionable modest wears does not mean giving up modesty. It neither signifies oppression neither giving up on the personal style.

It is evident from the fact when Nura Afia, the ambassador of Cover Girl, was seen first in a hijab for the company last year. Similarly, Halima Aden was seen to walk the runway in hijab in a beauty pageant held in New York fashion and Paris fashion weeks.

The modern Muslim fashion shows how the traditional Muslim costumes have turned out to be the best fitted for trendy women. Thus, it can be rightly said that Muslim women are using modest clothing’s to break open the stereotypes. They are designed by intermingling modesty with modernity.

There was quite a misconception among the westerns regarding Muslim clothing’s. They believed that Muslim women were forced to wear long sleeved clothes and veil their faces. However, according to the Islamic religion, the Muslim women were agreed to dress modestly encircling modest virtues. They had the right to interpret modesty as per their wish. The modern Muslim fashion designers have fully modified the dressing style of the Muslimah ladies. They have redesigned the modest wears to give a modern look.

Among the modest wears, the hijab is the most popular one. The fashion world has seen a massive change in the hijab fashion as well. The hijab has changed in its draping and colour. They are available in a wide range of patterns, colours and fabrics today. Explore more facts about modern Muslim fashion, the change in hijab style through news and stories published by Goltune News.