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Media Coverage Can Greatly Affect the Lives of Muslim American Women

8.22.16 Media Coverage Affect Lives of Muslim Women
photo courtesy of Flickr. Artist John Henderson

Summary: Sarene Alsharif wrote an opinion piece for The Huffington Post about how her life as a Muslim woman has been affected by media coverage. Read an excerpt of the story below:

“My life is normal. I like to believe I am an awesome sexy supermom but my kids and husband know I am just like every other mom, doing her best to give her kids what they need to be successful in life. My day consists of herding kids out of the house, the most challenging nerve wracking part of the day with kids constantly remembering they need whatever Ninjago figure they forgot or their notebook or whatever.

“We go grocery shopping, to the gym, soccer practice, the science museum, the park, the usual spots moms take their growing, active (highlight the active please, it is exhausting) kids. I have come to recognize different faces because we go to the same places so much or take our kids to the same activities.

“During these daily endeavors and we see lots of people. Most of the time strangers look away and avoid eye contact, I thought this was normal. On days the media has negative news about Muslims, either because of a terrorist attack or something else, I brace myself. See I am a Muslim and I choose to wear hijab.

“Hijab is the Islamic term for covering one’s hair and wearing conservative clothes. Now, I am not a person who wears black from head to toe like a ninja, I wear regular clothes but I happen to cover my hair as well. Gym clothes are my favorite attire, especially my yoga pants. I could live in yoga pants. Well actually, I do.

“Don’t tell my boss but I have gone to work in my yoga pants a few times, I don’t think they noticed. I have a couple ‘nice’ yoga pants I save for work and special occasions. Yes, I love yoga pants that much. Anyhow back to our discussion, after a politician has given a talk full of hatred or especially after a terrorist attack by someone with a Muslim name I brace myself before leaving the house.”

Source: The Huffington Post