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Fashionable Muslim Women – Madison, Wisconsin

Early in the morning of August 8th , 2013, at the Marriott West Hotel in Madison, FMW group members were ready to capture the beauty of the Muslim community during the Eid al-Fitr on camera. Despite the early hour, we were all ready and excited about the event.

The plan was to gently approach women and families to invite them to the location where Nic and Dominique, our photographers, had staged their camera setting. First, we would briefly explain the project and then to invite them to the stage, and lastly, we would have them write their name and email on a white board for verification and authorization.

As people started getting to used to us being in their midst, they approached us to have their photos taken. Things got rather busy and at one point we had people standing in line waiting to have their pictures taken. The event was a big success. Thank You Very Much Madison People.