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It’s Not Opression; It’s Passion

Summary: Two women discuss wearing the hijab with pride

Source: The Huffington Post

Writer: Zara Khan

The image of a veiled Muslim woman has conjured up images of deception and oppression, but now in this new millennial generation, young Muslim women are finding a new meaning in the hijab. It’s not deception, it’s fashion, it’s not oppression, it’s passion. I talked with 2 prominent Muslim women recently learning about how they wear the scarves on their head. They inspired me to see Islam in a different way, to spread diversity among individuals, and to be creative.

1. Maria Alia (@marialia)

Alia downloaded the Instagram app four years ago much like anyone who wanted to share pictures of their friends, food, and the occasional selfie. She posted what she liked and she was good at it. Her unique fads is what sparked her immense attention in the blogger world. “I slowly started getting questions about where certain pieces of my outfits were from and I realized people were interested in my personal style.” She started to post more OOTDs (outfit of the days) and created a site to document her everyday fashion wear. Her site along with her online fashion career really took off from there. Now Maria stands at over 200,000 followers on instagram so I asked her what she wanted to say to all her followers if she could. She kept it simple and powerful, “THANK YOU.”

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