Islamic Fashion Defined in a New Style Overthrowing the Stereotypes

The Islamic ladies from the ancient times have been found to follow the traditional way of dressing style. They are usually found in full covered clothes with bourkas covering their entire face except the eyes. The Islamic ladies were always considered as backward and old fashioned. Their way of dressing style was regarded as restraining. It was basically a sign of oppression by the westerns. But, with the revolutionary change in the islamic fashion industry, a new trend of fashion marked its entry. The fashion style was redefined in a creative way. It helped the Muslim women to break open the old stereotypes styles. The clothes were redesigned by blending modernity and modesty.

How the change in fashion trend affected the Muslim women?

Fashion has been found changing with time for centuries. The change in fashion has been accredited by different things, including technology and other fashions. It is true that Muslim women, a few years ago had no option to choose any fashionable dressing item. Since, the Muslimah community women had to maintain their specific dress code which they have been upholding for years. But, the fashion transformations due to revolutionary change in the Muslim fashion industry, lead to the emergence of modest fashion.

The surfacing of the modest fashionable dressing style proved fruitful for the Islamic community ladies. They have embraced this new fashion movement to catch up the Global fashion trend. Though the dresses of the Muslimah women looked fashionable yet they mediated faith and fashion.

As a result of the innovative modest clothes, the Muslimah ladies are able to express their individualism in a discrete manner. A few years ago, the Islamic ladies were found covered with long sleeve clothes that come in gloomy colour and boring design. But, with the advent of modern muslim fashion trend, the dressing style of the Muslimah women changed a lot.

At the present era, a wide array of modest wear collections for Islamic women is available. It comes in a range of colours, patterns and designs for different occasions. There are modest outfits for professional women, party lovers & college students.

It is said that Hijabs are the most common dressing item for the Islamic ladies. The hijab styles have also changed in the couple of years. And this change in style has greatly influenced both the Muslim and non-Muslim counties women.

Impact of Modern Islamic fashion in Global industry:

The change in the Islamic fashion not only left a great bang for the Muslimah community ladies. Aside, it is noticed, the modern Muslimah fashion created a lucrative impact in the global industry as well. The countries such as Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia are leading the way outside the western countries. According to the Global Islamic Economy report, there has been a growth of 11.9 % of global spending among Muslim consumers in sportswear and dresses. The market reach is expected to increase to $488 billion by 2019.

Big brands are getting attracted towards the Muslimah fashion chic. They are hiring Muslim modelers to promote their products. Hence, the apparel industry is embracing the Muslim fashion. The trend of covered up is now within the mainstream. Goltune News is publishing news and stories about the Muslim community ladies, their culture and islamic fashion style.

Islamic Fashion Defined in a New Style Overthrowing the Stereotypes – Audio Version

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