Islamic Dressing Style Exhibits Eye – Catching Modesty

The concept of modesty has a very deep significance in the Islamic religion. It is best represented through the Islamic dressing style. So far as dressing style of the Muslim men and women are concerned, they need to follow a specific dressing code. However, there is no such strictness of dressing style in Muslimah men. But, whenever a discussion about the dressing style of Muslim women arises, it means “Covering the body parts”. The Islamic ladies need to cover their body parts, especially the neck and head portion. Often many comments are made by critics against the Islamic women clothing’s. They are repeatedly been called as the oppressive section of the society. But, this kind of thinking was completely shattered with the entry of modest fashion. The modest wears exhibits an eye-catching modesty.

With the entrance of modest wears in the fashion world, a great change took place in the Islamic dressing style. The modest Muslim clothing’s are designed by intermingling modernity and modesty. In fact, the modest trend of clothing’s though, appears modern by look yet they come in full length.

Muslim designers who are the curators of the modest apparels believe that “Modesty is the way how one can carry oneself”. There are several modest dresses that have become the favourite of both Muslim and non-Muslim community women.

Modest Fashion for Women of All Faiths

The modest fashion has really given a boom to the fashion industry. It is not just confined within the Muslim community women. Indeed the fashion chic has attracted fashionable and trendy women of modern times. It can be said that the modest attires are for women of all faiths.

There are wide varieties of modest clothing’s available in the market. One can pick up a perfect one depending upon the occasion. There are maxi skirts, cardigans, long sleeves with jeans and a lot more. According to one of the recent report, the Muslim fashion market is estimated to reach $467 billion by 2020.

The increase in the number of consumers for Muslim modest clothing’s is expected to increase further in future days. It is because, though the modest apparels are fully covered yet they give a modern appearance to wearers.

It is true that Islamic dressing style has changed a lot in the couple of years. The modest attires have given a great platform to Islamic ladies. It has allowed them to express their beauty and fashion yet preserving modesty. It is evident in the Contemporary Muslim Fashion show held in San Francisco. The exhibition is regarded as the first ever major exhibition dedicated completely to modest wears.

Dolce & Gabbana’s first collection on abaya, Hana Tajima’s & Nike’s pro hijab set the example of perfect modesty in Islamic fashion chic. However, the exhibition clearly highlighted about Islamic dressing style that has become vibrant and influential. It is one of the most influential fashion exhibitions that portrayed versatility in dressing style of Islamic women.

Hijab, which is one of the most common modest attire, has undergone a prolific change in the past few years. They come in a wide range of colours, patterns and fabrics today to cater the needs of Islamic ladies. Know more stories and news about islamic dressing style, modest islamic fashion, beauty & makeup through Goltune News.