Iranian MP Barred from Parliament for Hijab Violation


Summary: Action seen as hardliners’ attempt to wrest control despite moderates’ political advances

Source – New York Times witten by Thomas Erdbrink

According to the New York Times report, Minoo Khalegi, an Iranian politician who won a seat at the recent Iran election, will be barred from Parliament due her improper hijab outside of Iran.

The Dispute Settlement Committee of Branches, a part of Iran’s conservative judiciary, ruled that Khalegi could not be sworn in a new member of Parliament. The evidence, it turned out, consisted of photographs of Khalegi, “leaked” on social media last week, showing her in public in Europe and in China without the obligatory Islamic hijab. Hardliners immediately accused her of “betraying the nation,” according to New York Times.   

While acknowledging that all Iranian women are obliged to cover themselves in public, even when travelling abroad, they said there was a problem with the evidence. The photographs were, Khaleghi said in a statement to the official government newspaper Iran, malicious fakes.

“I am a Muslim woman, adhering to the principles of Islam,” she wrote, adding that she was suing the distributors of her images. Those who published them, she wrote, were driven by “political greed”.

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