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Innovative Haute Hijab for Trendy Muslim Women

The muslim women of the modern era are moved by the wave of the modest fashion chic. They long had been struggling to fight back against the wrong conception. Critics across the world always seem to have been commenting about the dressing style of the Muslimah women. With the introduction of modest clothing’s, revolutionary change took place in the fashion style of the Islamic community women.

A wide category of modest Muslim clothing’s has been launched by Muslim fashion designers. Every modest outfit is designed with the creative notion of Muslimah fashion designers. The most common modest clothes of the Muslim community women are the hijab. In 2010, Melanie Elturk, launched haute hijabs for trendy Muslim ladies of modern age.

Melanie Elturk by commenting about hijabs said “Why so often the hijab/veils are treated as a late addition costume”. In fact, according to her, it is certainly a priority based modest apparel that is designed to cover the head and neck of the Islamic women.

Haute hijab closed around $2.3 million contract recently in order to bring the Muslimah fashion into the American mainstream.

Haute hijab is in the phase of growth

The haute hijab is in the phase of growth. It is indeed a direct- to consumer fashion and lifestyle for the Muslim women. The deal of haute hijab, which closed at $2.3 million financing series, was led by Cue Ball along with the participation of six other firms.

The heave will help to speed up the growth of haute hijab globally. One of the major objectives behind this is to create a global community for hijab wearing women. It will help to break open the stereotypes and give power to Islamic women. According to one of the recent survey, on an average every single Islamic lady is using 4 hijabs per day. This implies that there are 100 veils a Muslim woman has in their wardrobes.

The hijab fashion before mid-2000 meant only traditional clothes that are used only to cover the head and neck. But, the hijab style completely changed with the entry of modest fashion in the Islamic fashion industry.

Melanie Elturk, the CEO of haute hijab added a graceful look to Muslim women’s beauty. The hijabs got a new creative move with her support. In one of her reports to news channel, she said that “We are looking ahead to setup the first-digital native Muslim cultural lifestyle brand”.

The haute hijabs with high performance design & styles

There has been a significant demand for the haute hijabs globally. They come in a wide range of fabrics, styles, designs & colours. The haute hijab seemed to be the global brand, helping muslim women to appear modern & trendy. Indeed, it is entering into a stirring phase of growth & creativity.

The high performance headscarves are designed with a perfect blend of modesty & modernity. This will surely lift up the hijab category and create an engaged online community of Islamic women.

Melanie Elturk revealed the fact that the introduction of haute hijab was to break open the old-fashioned or traditional hijab styles. She expected to create a global community of authorized hijab-wearing women.

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