Hijab Fashion Style Arrived with New Look Breaking the Stereotypes

In the modern era, the turban has become a sign of modern Muslim women. The Islamic community women of the modern generation appear to be trendy and fashionable. The Muslimah women who were once considered as oppressed have broken open the stereotypes. They have discovered a new look. Indeed, the Islamic women are all the fury. It is true that the Islamic community women have established their niche in the global fashion world. Everything has become possible with the advent of modest fashion. In fact, the hijab fashion style has also changed. The fashion chic helped to fight back the thought against Muslimah women. It gave them a new look hoard with modernity & modesty.

The hijabs are captivating the eyes of trendy women of the present century. It is no more confined within the boundary of Muslimah women fashion. Indeed, the hijab is ahead in the fashion parade. They are gaining prominence on the runways.

According to the Hijab journalist Eman Mustafa, the hijab fashion style at the time is trendy

They are no longer the barriers. The entire world has accepted the way it is. Though, they are a part of the traditional costume, yet they appear classy & stylish. The hijabs graced runways in Paris, Milan including New York. They were showcased by Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Versace and Yeezy.

Many commented about the innovative hijab fashion style. Some said that it brought a new light for the Muslim community women. It allowed them to clearly show the world, that Islamic women fashion is no more old-fashioned. While some argue that the religious symbols are commodified.

The hijabs is apparently transitioning into high-fashioned accessories

It is true that in the present era, the modest fashion and hijabs are the new corporate trend. Right from February to March, Gucci, Versace and many other luxury brands at the Winter/autumn fashion weeks were found dressed in hijabs. Today, the Islamic women and the Muslimah fashion are in the spotlight. The fashion for muslim ladies has been driven with a new approach. Though, they appear modern, yet they are guided by religious values.

There has been a great demand for the Muslim women fashion in the global market. It has become the latest fashion chic, making a mark in the fashion industry. The San Francisco museum at De Young was the first ever fashion exhibition where 60 Muslim fashion designers came from different parts of the world.

Indeed, the exhibition was held to spark a light on the women belonging to the second largest religion in the world. It was increasingly targeted to express the individualism and identity of Islam ladies. As per the recent report, the modest fashion has become $44 billion industry.

Recently, Nike has launched Pro Hijab, a sportswear for Islam women. It was really amazing because, the costume helped Islamic ladies to participate in sports. The change in the hijab fashion style gave opportunity to Muslim women to participate in sports, music, entertainment and other events. It gave them a style that combined both modesty & modernity.

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