Goltune Freelance Agreement

Goltune’s Freelance Agreement Welcome to Goltune.com, a service of Goltune News media outlet.
This agreement establishes the terms and conditions by which you, as a freelance contributor, operate with Goltune News LLC. Your signature creates the freelance relationship on the condition that you abide by the terms and conditions. A description of your initial Freelance Assignment, to include due dates and fees for the Assignment, are specified above. This agreement pertains only to the Assignment specified above, and any future Assignments are subject to a new agreement.

1. You will provide the Assignment in a format specified by Goltune News LLC on or before the due date, in accordance with the additional terms. Upon submission of your work to Goltune News LLC, we will have an exclusive right to consider the Assignment for publication at our discretion. You will submit to Goltune News LLC an invoice for the agreed-upon fee, and Goltune News LLC will pay the invoice within 30 days of receipt. In the event that Goltune News LLC declines to publish the Assignment, we will pay you a Kill Fee, which consists of 10% of the stated fee. Upon payment of the Kill Fee or the elapsing of 60 days from submission of the Assignment, all rights in the Assignment will revert to you. You agree that Goltune News LLC may publish at its sole discretion and is under no obligation to publish your Assignment.

2. All work included in the Assignment, to include photographs, video, illustrations, or artwork accompanying the piece, is a work made for hire for the benefit of Goltune News LLC. You warrant, upon submission of the Assignment, that no part of the Assignment violates the copyright of third parties.

3. You grant Goltune News LLC a worldwide, non-exclusive right to use your name, likeness, and information for purposes of advertising and promoting any published Assignments on Goltune News LLC, its subsidiaries or assigns, in current and future mediums.

4. Goltune News LLC reserves the right under this Agreement to make publication of the Assignment contingent upon fact-checking and editing, and you agree to cooperate with the fact-checking and editing process, and any such revisions and re-writes as Goltune News LLC considers appropriate at its sole discretion. Upon request by Goltune News LLC, you agree to provide information to substantiate the Assignment, to include citations and source material.

5. You agree to conduct all work for hire with Goltune News LLC in compliance with the highest standards of journalistic ethics. You agree to abide by all applicable laws, to include copyright, in creating and submitting your Assignment. You agree to avoid all conflicts of interest and appearance of conflict, and in the event of an actual or perceived conflict, you agree to inform Goltune News LLC promptly. In accordance with journalist ethics, you agree that you will not accept any forms of compensation from sources other than Goltune News LLC on work
Goltune News LLC | PO Box 5571 Madison, WI 53705-5571 | email: info@goltune.com | www.goltune.com
pertaining to the Assignment. This includes receiving any gifts above $1.00 in monetary value,
to include meals, lodging, or other special treatment.

6. You agree that you will not disclose to third parties any information, documents, or materials
you utilize in creating the Assignment without written authorization from Goltune News LLC
during the period of exclusive publishing rights.

7. You warrant that your Assignment is an original work and does not violate any copyright laws,
and that you have provided proper citation and reference to all third-party materials, to include
co-authors, public sources, photographers, artists, and videographers. You warrant that you
have not submitted the subject of the Assignment to any third party and that Goltune News LLC
is the sole recipient of the content of the Assignment.

8. You warrant that the content of the Assignment is factually accurate, and that it does not
contain libel or violates the privacy or publicity of any third party. You agree that, when
preparing the Assignment, you will abide by all laws, and will not violate the privacy of third
parties, their copyrights, trademarks, service marks, or trade secrets. In the event that you
discover an inaccuracy in the report, you agree to promptly inform Goltune News LLC.

9. Contingent upon your compliance with the terms of this Agreement, if Goltune News LLC
decides to publish your work, Goltune News LLC agrees to defend this work from third-party
suit up to the limits of its applicable insurance. In the event that Goltune News LLC, in good
faith, determines that you have violated the terms of this agreement, you agree that Goltune
News LLC has no duty to defend your work. If you breach the terms of this Agreement, you
agree to hold Goltune News LLC harmless, and will indemnify and defend, to include payment
of reasonable attorney’s fees, Goltune News LLC, its directors, officers, employees, and agents,
from any action by third parties against your Assignment. You agree to cooperate with Goltune
News LLC in defending any claim arising out of your Assignment.

10. This agreement contains the entire understanding between yourself and Goltune News LLC
relating to this Assignment, and supersedes any prior agreements between us regarding your
work. This Agreement will be construed according to the laws of the State of Wisconsin. You
agree that the venue for any disputes regarding this agreement is the County of Dane, State of
Wisconsin, and any disputes will be resolved exclusively by either the Courts of Wisconsin,
Circuit Court of Dane County, or by the Western District of Wisconsin, United States Federal

11. You agree that your work for Goltune News LLC is a work for hire on a freelance basis, and
that you are not an employee of Goltune News LLC. You agree that, as an independent
contractor, you are solely responsible for any taxes arising from your Assignment. You agree
that, as an independent contractor, you are not eligible for and will not receive any benefits of
employment, to include medical benefits, life insurance, and retirement plans. You agree that,
Goltune News LLC | PO Box 5571 Madison, WI 53705-5571 | email: info@goltune.com | www.goltune.com
while creating the work for this Assignment, you are not an agent of Goltune News LLC and are
solely responsible for your conduct and any liability arising from that conduct. You agree that
Goltune News LLC has no duty, liability, or responsibility to you while conducting this

12. This agreement may be terminated at any time upon written notice, by either party, of 30
days. Paragraphs 3, 9, 10, and 11 will survive and be enforceable in the event of termination of
this agreement, and any disputes regarding the agreement, upon termination, will be resolved in
accordance with Paragraph 10.

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