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How I found Sex Books in our Storage Rooms in Tehran


One of the forbidden subjects in Iran is sex and eroticism. However, the Iranian authority cannot stop people from finding “sex” in hidden corners.

This video is about my story of how I found sex books in our house when I was a teenager. This is raw footage. I didn’t edit it since I didn’t know how to edit videos. This is my first and only take.

Like Americans, Iranians manage a normal life, with normal aspirations, and a look to a better future. In these series, I am trying to give a glimpse of how it was like to grow up in Tehran, and to live a normal life in a country that I called home for more than 26 years. Iran is still my motherland. I love her so much.

I want to show you that Iranians and Americans are not so different. We just happened to live in different parts of the world, with different military powers, with different government. But at heart, we are all the same.

I am so adamant to talk about peace. To talk about how fun it was to call Tehran home. And, how much I learned in the country where I managed my life a journalist, director and producer for Iranian media and newspapers.

In my future videos, I will talk about the United States and the chance I got to be an equal partner with my husband in this country. We live in a great nation in the United States. I want us to understand that, cherish it and never try to abuse the power we have. Insha’allah.

Peace is what we need to concentrate in the time of conflict.

Khoadahfez (may God protect you)


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