Forget the Miniskirt, This Website Offers Luxury Goods for Modest Dressers

Summary: Website The Modist will deliver top labels to modest shoppers

Source: South China Morning Post

Writer: Francesca Fearon

E-commerce entrepreneur Ghizlan Guenez was raised in Algiers, Beirut, London and Dubai and knows the difficulty of buying fashionable clothes that don’t offend one’s modesty.“It is an experience and a frustration that I’ve seen for as long as I can remember,” she says.

Brought up in an all-female household, half of whom dressed modestly, she watched them go through the frustration of trying to find fashion that fitted their culture and lifestyle. Buying clothes was a time-consuming experience that often entailed altering or layering pieces.

Guenez spotted an opportunity and on International Women’s Day, March 8, this year she launched a website for women who prefer to dress modestly.

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