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“I am Feminist, Because I am Muslim,” Says Linda Sarsour  

Linda sarsour
Linda Sarsour at the grand opening rally of the Brooklyn Office for Bernie Sanders campaign before New York primaries

An interview between Linda Sarsour and Refinery 29’s Strong Opinions Loosely Held

In the most recent episode of Strong Opinions Loosely Held, the show’s host Elisa Kreisinger spoke with Linda Sarsour—the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York—about her experiences as a feminist Muslim-American woman today. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Where can we see the perception of Muslim women changing right now?

“I think online, in web-based content where Muslims are speaking out, especially in the wake of mass shootings. Unfortunately, mainstream media isn’t moving as quickly as digital publishers.”

How are minority women reclaiming and redefining feminism for themselves?

“I want to be embraced by larger feminist movement when I say I am Muslim and I am feminist because I am Muslim. I think that often times, as a discussion, that’s been a contrary to the feminism movement, that feminism and Islam cannot coincide or coexist. And I think we, including myself, there’s been many example of Islam and feminism and hijab, working in a conservative community … actually coincides.

“I wanna be able to say I am a Muslim, and I am a Feminist because of Islam, I am a feminist. I think we, as Muslim women, and many minority women, we have to take back the meaning of feminism. I think feminism is branded as like angry, white women, rob-burning, man-hating, … and that’s not what really feminism is for me, ever. We believe for equal rights for all, women empowerment, leadership for women.”   

Listen to the full interview on Refinery 29