Fashion Muslim Hijab – A Wake Up from Customary to Trendy

In the present era, like any other modern-day fashionista the Muslim women can be found in exclusive and trendy dressing style. They are no longer considered as an old-fashioned and backward class of women’s community. The Muslim women of the present generation are nicely expressing their style and showcasing it to the world. This has been possible due to the change in the Muslimah fashion. However, the twist is that, it maintains a sense of modesty. The modern Islamic fashion has really blended faith and modernity in a distinctive way. Indeed a noticeable change has been noticed in the fashion muslim hijab as well. The hijab style and fashion have made some inroads into mainstream western fashion. It is evident from the fact H&M brand have displayed Muslim model wearing a hijab.

The Muslim headscarves which were once a symbol of oppression has been remolded by the Muslim fashion designers. They are designed to give an elegant look to the modern Muslim ladies. Thanks to the change in the fashion style of Muslimah fashion. This really came up with the ingress of modest fashion.

It is interesting to see that there has been a wake up of fashion Muslim hijab. The hijab style has transformed from customary to trendy.

Modern generation Muslim ladies have exhibited the uniqueness in their fashion style through modest attires. A Swedish photographer Berge has explored about the Muslim fashion in her photos. According to Berge, “The Muslim women seemed to have challenged western fashion by wearing hijab differently and mixing it with fashion”.

The Muslim community ladies have taken a lot of space today in the fashion world. They are found in the fashionable and modern look. Gone are the days when Islamic women had to face a backlash in the western society. The time has changed and along with the time the Islamic fashion style also has changed a lot.

The modest apparels are available in a wide variety of designs, patterns and colours. It is the hijabs which are the most common and taken an inspiration for fashion lovers. The Oscar 2019 red carpet dresses portrays hijab fashion choices. The dresses are a perfect fit for trendy Muslim women hunting for hijab evening gowns.

Sara Iftekhar, a Muslim woman made history in Miss England Finals with a hijab.

In one of her comment Sara Iftekhar, said that “I’m proud to be the first Muslim lady to walk the cat walks with hijab in the Miss England finals”.

It has been a great achievement for the Islamic community women. Today Islamic fashion has turned out to be a profitable global industry. And fashion Muslim hijab has taken a larger part in the fashion industry. According to Nazma Khan the number of headscarves consumers is believed to reach $488 billion in 2019.

The fact that Muslim hijab has become the mainstream is evident from the hiring of the Muslim hijab wearing models by big brands. L’Oreal Paris really made a history by hiring hijab wearing Amena Khan in their hair campaign. Get to know more stories and news about fashion muslim hijab and beauty through Goltune News.

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