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Muslim Women Runway Fashion Show in Seattle  


(Redmond) — Azizah Magazine, the first U.S. based publication for Muslim women, will host the Expressions of Style fashion show on December 10th to celebrate fashionable modest and Muslim outfits from world-renowned designers of Indonesia and the U.S.. The show will take place at Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS), located at 17550 NE 67th Ct, Redmond, WA.

There are 5 Indonesian fashion designers including Indriya R. Dani, Jeny Tjahyawati, Nani Oktaviani, Tuti Adib, and Aam Laurisha, and Sabika Makhdoom, an American designer from Redmond.

Through elegant, sporty and playful designs, with a hint of ethnic, pioneers such as Jeny Tjahyawati, have shaped contemporary modest wear on the international scene.

“This show is a celebration of the Islamic faith and identity, and of the inspirational journey of entrepreneurial women in a thriving industry,” said Nina Soerakoesoemah, co-founder of Azizah Magazine.

The women-only event will begin at 6 p.m. with a brief welcome speech, followed by haute couture runway shows. Each designer will showcase 10 new designs of her collection.

Attendees can purchase designs directly from vendors after the show in the Real Gems corner at MAPS. The prayer area will be available throughout the event. No children below 13 years old are allowed at the show.

Partners of the event include Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS), Everett Muslim Community Center and Goltune News.



Model Call for the Seattle Modest Fashion Show – Azizah Magazine

Azizah Magazine is holding an event to choose its model for upcoming fashion show.


nani-oktaviani2Since she was in college, Nani was always complimented on her clothing style and was often asked where she got her outfits. Nani’s secret was that she designed and sewed her own clothing as a hobby. This hobby then became a business for Nani. With her unique design, high quality products, and intricate embroidery, Nani is currently one of the leaders in the Muslimah fashion industry in Indonesia.

Nani actively promotes her design all over Indonesia and the United States. She is also the co-author of the book ‘Gaya Modern Busana Muslimah’ with Indriya Dani and Tety Murniati.