Dubai Fashion Week Enthralled Audience Towards Modest Muslim Fashion

The main attraction in the Dubai fashion week was modest wears. It was held on the last weekend. There were 40 designers who exhibited their prolific work on modest muslim fashion in the fashion show. Almost the designers participated from 32 different countries. They saw their models standing on the purple carpet showcasing the exclusive modest wears. Not only, the fashion show in Dubai exhibited modest fashionable clothes, but it even celebrated women empowerment. There was a time when Muslim women had no option to go beyond the burkas. But, with the increasing women empowerment, the Muslim ladies have become the dictator of themselves. They are able to express their beauty and fashion in a distinct way. It is believed that modest wears have been the best medium to discover Muslim women fashion of modern times.

Dubai Fashion week clearly manifested Muslim women dictatorship through classy modest outfits.

The Dubai modest fashion week was tremendously successful. The audience got enthralled by the fashionable modest wears. In order to allow the audience to get a better view, there were two large screens placed at each curvature. There were no boring black dresses instead there were quite a lot of trends.

In fact, there was a wide range of captivating modest outfits that are perfect to cater the needs of the trendy women. Anna Mashkovskaya, a well known fashion illustrator from Spain commented on the Dubai fashion week of modest Muslim fashion. According to her, the Dubai modest fashion show explored the fact that Islamic women can be fashionable and classy”. The fashion show demonstrated a mixture of modernity & modesty.

However, the main theme of the second Dubai modest Islamic fashion show was based on Women’s empowerment. The fashion event aimed to launch fashion for good oratory. It expressed the change in the Muslim women fashion right from stereotypes to modern. According to many critics, surely fashion trend has changed for the Muslim ladies, but modesty and fashion cannot go together. There are many critics who even commented that modern muslim fashion is not displaying Islamic message of modesty. In its place it has become an issue of consumerism.

But, the Dubai fashion week completely shattered this conception. It gave a clear picture about the Muslimah fashion. There were catwalk sessions on a variety of modest Islamic clothes.

The organizers Franka Soeria & Ozlem Sahin have established the Dubai modest Fashion week on the concept of “Think Fashion”.

It brought together both Muslim and non-Muslim fashion under one roof dedicatedly working on modest Muslim wears. Lees presented her first ever collection on modest wear from Europe in this fashion show. According to Lees, the modest wears designed by her did not have much gold or jewelry. But, the thing that liked the audience was its colour and modesty.

Indeed, the Dubai fashion show on modest attires was extremely challenging. Almost 58% of social media influencers tried to explore the modest collection for a wider audience base. It gave a great platform for the upcoming designers to explore the modest Islamic fashion. Get to find more news and stories about muslim fashion from Goltune News. It is the best place to check out news on hijab fashion, modest Muslim clothes and modern Muslim women.

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