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Fashionable Muslim Women Chicago, USA 

The Islamic Society of North America, ISNA, orchestrated another annual convention to gather more than 50,000 Muslims and non-Muslims in Chicago during the Labor Day Weekend. 

This year, about 200 of panelists discussed issues related to Islamophobia, covering Islam and Muslim communities in the news, and creating “third space” for women to feel welcomed in mosques, etc.

For our part, we were at the convention to capture elegance, beauty and proud of our fellow Muslim women on camera for our project signature “Fashionable Muslim Women” (FMW). Goltune News team made up 4 girls and one gentleman. Those people included Nabiha Khan (photographer), Nura Said, and Jalika Cessey (FMW volunteers), Saideh Jamshidi, (executive editor), and William Merick (marketing agent).  

We were able to take photo of more than 200 women who were interested in participating in our project. We are grateful for their contribution, and proud to show you the American Muslim community’s diversity and rich culture.