Channel Boutiques in LA Wants to Attract Wealthy Muslim Costumers

beautiful caucasian bride in traditional dress

Summary: Luxury fashion stores in LA decorate their windows to get Saudi shoppers attention.

Store managers at the Channel boutique in Rodeo Road in Los Angeles decided to put out mannequins  with headscarf on their windows to attract Saudi women shoppers.

“Now that these fashion houses are a part of big conglomerates, the money is speaking and they are becoming more savvy. these costumers are their bread and butter,” said Nicole Pollard, an LA personal shoppers to Hollywood Reporter.

The American businesses want to attract fashion’s new global market of modest and Muslim. Just last year, Muslim consumers spent $242 billion on clothes and footwear.

A report published by the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board said that “the highest per-trip spend of any international market in Los Angeles, with an average trip expenditure of $4550 per person and collective spend of $259.3 million.”

“Rodeo Drive is still a must-be place for brands,” said commercial state broker Jay Luchs.” Availability is low, so when spaces open up, they are leased very quickly. More luxury real estate deals, show that these brands are investing in their future,” added Luchs.


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