And Now, a Rap About Hijab

Summary: “Hijabi” by Mona Haydar is a testament to the many faces of hijab and its common misconceptions

Source: Youth Ki Awaaz

Writer: Halima Bello Husseini

Other than being a female and an African, the most controversial thing about me is that I wrap my head with a scarf. I find it ludicrous that the fact that I wear a Hijab makes people think that I am anything but a ‘normal’ person, or that maybe I do so because of a ‘bad hair day’, or a lack of hair. It’s ludicrous that simply because I choose to cover my hair with a scarf (which, by the way, Audrey Hepburn was known for doing this, too) people see me as submissive, weak, dumb, oppressed, and a victim.

In 2016, the Muslim world faced Islamophobia and colossal backlash due to the unforgivable actions of extremists and conservative Muslim groups in France, Turkey, USA and other places. But despite that, it has been a remarkable year for Hijabis (women who wear the Hijab) all around the world.
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