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An Israeli Label Using Fashion to Forge Connection with Palestinians

Photo courtesy of ADISH Instagram page

Source: Highsnobiety

ADISH is the rising Israeli brand using streetwear to make cross-cultural connections with Palestinians. The brand’s name comes from the Hebrew word for apathetic — but that’s something the label certainly isn’t. “After seeing all the empty promises of politicians and those in power, who do not care about peace, we tried to approach our vision in a different way,” label co-founder Amit Luzon explains via email. “To us, ADISH is the opposite of being apathetic — it’s about making a real, meaningful change in the Middle East.”

For Luzon and fellow founder Eyal Eliyahu, who both come from Arab-Jewish backgrounds, fashion was the one way they felt they could make a difference. They see ADISH as giving a voice to Middle Eastern youth, but beyond positive symbolism, the designers want to make a tangible impact. “There are many initiatives for peace between Palestine and Israel, but we felt that few of them actually have a direct local effect,” says Luzon. “So in addition to our inspiration and message being about peace and cooperation, we wanted to start a brand that actually employs and empowers both Israelis and Palestinians, working together and also doing business.”

ADISH currently employees more than 50 Palestinian women, whose embroidery skills inspired the brand’s first collection. The release merged streetwear staples — think hoodies, T-shirts, and long-sleeves — with traditional Palestinian embroidery. “It was important to highlight these women’s skills, to collaborate with them, and learn from them,” Luzon explains. “We wanted to understand what their embroideries — the patterns and fabrics — mean to them and why. Each pattern had a story and family history, designs that have been passed down in villages for generations.”

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