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Thank you for visiting the website of Goltune News LLC (hereafter, “Goltune News,” or, “we,” or “our”). We value your presence on our site and we encourage you to visit often. However, there are certain terms and conditions under which Goltune News operates and it is important that you understand these terms and conditions as they relate to your rights.

The terms and conditions listed in this section are legally binding and by accessing Goltune News you agree to be bound by them. There are certain situations in which we will need to modify these terms and conditions, such as when relevant laws change or when we modify the services on our site. Any modifications we make to the terms and conditions will take effect from the date on which the modification was posted. That date will be posted at the top of this document. We want you to be aware of such changes, so please read this section upon every visit to our site in order to ensure that you are up to date on any changes we have made. If you visit our website after a modification has been posted, you have thereby accepted to be bound by that modification.

The following sections contain important information about privacy, rules for participation, online commerce, ownership of content, and limitations of our liability toward visitors to our site. Please read this section carefully. Moreover, please note that when this document disclaims liability or warranties, we do so according to the fullest extent possible under the applicable laws.



Like many websites, we collect your personal data. The following section specifies our privacy policy. It highlights the methods through which we collect personal information, the reasons we collect such data, and what we do with that data.

Whenever you submit personal information to us, such as – but not limited to – email, usernames, passwords, telephone numbers, addresses, and demographic information– we store that information for further use. We gather such information in instances such as – but not limited to – when you register with our site, when you participate in promotions or contests and when you contact us with inquiries. We also reserve the right to seek information about you from third parties.

Please note that we do not sell your information to third parties. Instead, we collect personal information in order to provide quality services to our visitors. This includes assuring our ability to contact you, answer your inquires, provide you with updates and newsletters, and allow you to operate on our site with a username and profile. We also save personal information in the event of future legal disputes and to ensure that we are in compliance with all relevant laws.



We encourage our visitors to actively participate on our site and we would like our engagement section to be a forum for enlightening intellectual discourse. However, such discourse must be done in a respectful manner, and we have rules regarding your participation in order to ensure respectful exchanges of opinions.

We reserve the right to delete your comments at our discretion. Posts that are derogatory, abusive, solicitous, or violate these terms and conditions will be deleted. Anyone who violates these rules risks being banned from this website at our discretion.



We routinely posts links to content produced by people not formally affiliated with Goltune News. We understand that sometimes visitors might disagree with the accuracy, tone, or other elements of that content. However, please note that we do not take any responsibility for such content, and if you have a discrepancy about that content, it would be appropriate to follow the link we provide and take the matter up with the producer of the original content.

Our engagement section, advertisements, and website in general might facilitate visitors coming into contact with third parties. If you come into contact with a third party – individual or organization – through the use of our website, we are not responsible for any disputes that arise between the two of you. We cannot be held liable, nor can we be forced to intervene, in disputes between website users and/or third parties. When Goltune News posts links to third party vendors that offer goods or services, we are not responsible for any issues related to those goods and services. It is important that you exercise caution and due diligence when interacting with third parties.



Goltune News operates its website without providing you any express or implied warranties. We make no promises about the accessibility, reliability, or safety of our site. You are responsible for the protection of any personal information, such as passwords or personal data.



The content produced on this website is the property of Goltune News and is protected by all applicable laws, domestic and international. Unauthorized commercial use of our content is strictly prohibited. If you wish to post our content to your blog or website, you are allowed to copy and paste the first four paragraphs of that content, provided that no changes are made to the content and you credit Goltune News in a clear manner. For any further redistribution, you must obtain written approval either electronically or by hard copy. Please send your request to inf[email protected] or Goltune News LLC PO Box Madison, WI 53705-5571.

From time to time, we might ask you to submit content to our website. For example, Goltune News

holds photo contests and we solicit photos from our visitors. When you submit content to our site – regardless of whether that content was solicited by us or not – we are free to use that content for our own editorial or commercial uses. Content such as, but not limited to, pictures, music, and comments, become our property once you send that content to us or post it to our site. This does not mean that you relinquish your right to use that content for your own purposes, but rather that we also gain the right to use that content as we see fit and we are not obligated to credit you when we use that content.

Sometimes our visitors will post content to our site that has been copyrighted without our knowledge. We do not take responsibility when users post copyrighted material. However, if you believe your copyrighted material is on our site, contact us at or, Goltune News LLC PO Box Madison, WI 53705-5571,

to secure its expeditious removal.



You have 12 months to file a complaint or cause of action against us for an issue related to these terms and conditions. If you fail to file that claim or cause of action within 12 months, you irrevocably forgo your right to sue us.

We welcome your comments and input. Questions and comments about the content of this site and other issues should be sent to or Goltune News LLC PO Box Madison, WI 53705- 5571.