5 Surprising Lessons in Blogging Success

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Main point: a blogger shared 5 simple, but important lessons she learned in a recent conference she attended Simply Stylist conference in New York

You Can Learn Anything from Anyone

One of my favorite ideas (this keeps me up late at night sometimes!) is that we are all six degrees of separation from anyone else in the world. Networking at Simply Stylist confirmed this as soon as I sat down for the introductory brunch. There, I was seated next to Gwendolyn Floyd, entrepreneur and co-founder of Soko, a brand that promotes handmade, ethical jewelry from artisans in Kenya. While she was presenting later a panel, our morning talk gave me a chance to pick her brain a little bit.

I was particularly inspired by her story of combining technology & design to create an ethical and sustainable business model. When navigating an event like this, don’t be afraid to engage people you notice. Rather than admiring them from afar or waiting for them, just say hi and connect. Get out there and learn something new.

Your Circle Determines Your Success

One of the big topics of the day was community. Bloggers, stylists, and entrepreneurs all found their support and inspiration in like-minded individuals. Instead of relying on yourself for endless motivation and creativity, it’s much healthier to turn to your friends. Don’t underestimate the power of a group of bloggers working together.

Reach out to your friends and ask them what projects they are working on right now. Maybe you can plan a group post or a series together. Talking to other passionate, driven individuals will push your creative ideas much further than you thought.  Take advantage of this.

Don’t be Afraid to Disrupt

One of my favorite quotes of the day was by celebrity hair and make-up stylist guru Joey Maalouf. In his hilarious and very real panel, he gave a lot of courage for those moments when you do get an opportunity.

To take pressure off and get your creative juices going, remember that everyone wants that opportunity. You have it, so go in strong and present your most interesting pitch: “The crazier your idea sounds, the more genius it actually is.”

Blogging Gives You More Freedom Than You Realize

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