4 Fashion Ideas to Look Splendid

Photo curtsy of Alt-Muslimah

Summary: AltMuslimah wrote a comprehensive style guide, covering color, patterns, accessories, and individuality for the 2016 Eid-al-Adha.

Eid-al-Adha is here once again, and with it, the fashion website AltMuslimah brought Muslim women a style guide for how to dress. Read an excerpt of the piece below:

“The First Thing That’s Noticed: Colour

“Yes, our outfit’s colour is the first thing anyone notices, so never underestimate the power of colour. For almost all of us, this Eid is going to be a hot one so make sure you choose a cool colour. Warm colours like golden, brown and yellow won’t be a good choice unless you’re lucky enough to be experiencing pleasant weather.

“Certain colours will make you stand out at any Eid dinner party, these of course include black, blue and red. For lunch, brunch or a tea party, go for lighter colours such as cream or pastels. Once you have chosen a colour for your outfit, do think of the right hijab to go with it.

“Flowy Outfits and Floral Prints

“These two always make a great outfit for any hijabi. Most of us tend to avoid wearing tight fitted clothes which makes maxis, gowns and tunics our best friends. A plain or floral maxi can be given a really fancy look, simply, by adding a chic belt at the waist, an eye catching purse and a nicely complementing hijab. It’s even better if you can find such a dress with some nice embroidery and embellishments as they help make an outfit look luxurious and be unforgettable for others.”


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